Monday, 27 December 2010

Beauty review - Rimmel 60 second nail polish in 320 Rapid Ruby

I've made a bit of a resolution (pre-New Years) to keep my nails in better condition.  I tend to apply polish and then just leave it till it all flakes off, not very attractive, and so in an effort to inspire myself I bought a few new polishes.  I've always found little difference between expensive brands and the cheaper equivalents and so went for good old Rimmel.

I picked up three from the 60 second range - Rapid Ruby, a grey and a turquoise.  The Rapid Ruby is a very dark wine red - perfect for a vintage look and the grey has a real 30's tone, at least to my eyes.

I prepped my nails by filing them into vintage points (grrrr!) and then applied a basecoat of clear varnish as this polish is highly pigmented.  I then applied two coats of the Rapid Ruby and topped with a topcoat of clear varnish.

My crappy pic (I've lost my camera again) and one stolen from a google search.  All the pictures on the Internet look a lot redder than it does on me - perhaps that is because I used two coats.  I'd certainly call it a wine though rather than a red.

This is a very quick drying polish, without the bottom and top coat it does dry in 60 seconds but adding these steps added at least another two minutes to the drying time, so if you don't mind stained nails it is possible to paint and go, which is great.

I do have a few reservations though.  Part of the reason it dries very quickly is that it is thicker than ordinary polishes, this coupled with the extra large "one stroke" brush does make the polish difficult to control and so this wouldn't be easy to use for half moon nails.  You certainly couldn't paint the half moons freehand with this.  Also, due to the thickness it can tend to bubble.

All in all it is a good cheap buy at £3.99 and a great colour but definitely not for your full vintage manicure. More of a paint and run emergency polish.


  1. Hitherto I have only used clear varnish to stop threatening runs in stockings, but I will definitely try out your 'recipe'.

    Your nails are beautifully shaped!

  2. hi, i love that colour it is geogeous, i have that too.
    another lovely colour is no 7 'secrets' i got for christmas. its a dark red and lovely!!

  3. That looks lovely - you really do have beautiful hands.

  4. this is one of my resolutions too! I can't keep them too long as I do a lot of events and heavy carrying of stock, but I can keep them neat and looking nice! I'm with you!

  5. Thanks lovelies. I'm going to try and have a litte pamper session each week. Facepack, body brushing all that jazz.