Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Gin Soaked Girl - the chap ball and my fabulous dress!

Just a quick post really, as so many others have or are writing their own experience of the evening and to be quite honest my memory is somewhat hazy...

So, Saturday night was the second Grand Anarcho Dandyist ball, as run by The Chap magazine.  I went to the first bash and wasn't going to miss the second, this year held in the beautiful surroundings of the Bloomsbury Ballrooms.

I was the guest of the ever stunning Fleur de Guerre and so thought it worth making a little extra effort, and luckily, just the week before, I had bought the perfect dress from Gem of Bake do and Mend.

Gem's pic:

My badly taken pic:

I also set and styled my hair in a waved pageboy, using my wonderful Mervin clips and perm rods and then brushing the curls under.

I arrived just before 9pm after a very glamorous bus ride through London and quickly found my chums - Gem, Fleur, Bethan (the blogless), Jeni of Yesterday Girl (who was running the Vintage Dating service typing out the love letters) and the wonderful Miss Penny Dreadful herself, whose blog also features a review of the night.

The night was wonderful - fantastic acts including my very favourite, Mr B. the Gentleman Rhymer, entertained us.  We danced and drank until the am.  Unfortunately though, I didn't realise quite how strong the gins were.

Very, if this posey photo and my illness the next day are anything to go by (I have been assured they were LARGE doubles and I am not a complete wuss). 

Photo courtesy of Miss Penny Dreadful, arrogance courtesy of booze.

I haven't included pics of the other gals partly because I didn't take any and don't want to steal from chums and partly because I'm vain.  Hah.

The best pic of us all together was taken by Jeni and I'm sure she will post it up soon enough so keep visiting her blog for her second Chap Ball post.

For loads of other pics of the night please click HERE.


  1. i came across your blog, and adore it.
    i would love to learn how to do my hair like yours, i love vintage & classic looks.
    you look stunning [:

  2. you look fab!!!! love your outfit hair and everything

  3. Sounds like a fun time. You look Gorgeous :)

  4. I love these pics - you look stunning and it looks to have been a brilliant evening. I hope you get lots of chances to wear that dress - it looks great on you.

  5. Hehe, I don't think you were posing, I think you might have been swaying with eyes closed to the wonderful sound of Mr B ;) You did look so beautiful, I am still in love with your waves x

  6. I was definitely swaying, probably struggling to stand!

  7. Dress is a dream... tresses are tremendous :)

  8. Your hair did indeed look very nice!

    I'm still laughing about Mr B's song about Tim Westwood going to prep school. Hahahahahah!

  9. You look amazing. Do you have a tutorial for such hair style? Best http://pinupcandy.blogspot.com/

  10. love the hair, i really want some clips like that!

  11. The dress is really stunning! And your hair so perfect!
    Now I will wait for the picture with all of you!


  12. Your dress and hair look amazing, you looked a million dollars so glad you had a wonderful fun time.

  13. Ah, you look lovely! I must get some of those clips.

    The Chap ball looks like a fab evening, I must make the effort to go next year. We were supposed to have a visit from Mr Chicks Mum that weekend so we couldn't go, but in the end she was snowed in in Aberdeen and couldn't make it!

  14. Your dress is wonderful, I am green with envy.
    You always look so lovely and your bog is fun and intresting.

  15. It you have correctly told :)