Wednesday, 22 December 2010

A little day trip - victory rolls and thrift shopping

Well, I have to say I am feeling much better already.  After yesterdays post I decided to force myself to set my hair.  I knew I was meeting a friend today and there is nothing like and occasion to get one in the mood to make the effort.

Inspired by the adorable Miss Amethyst I decided to give victory rolls a try, after all, it had to be something that would withstand the foul snowy damp weather we are having, and set my hair for the night in pink perm rods at the nape and upward facing pincurls at the side to help with rolling.

These are the tools:

After brushing out my curls in the morning I followed Miss Amethyst's instructions and backcombed my hair.  I usually shy away from teasing it as my mother who was a 60's hippy chick, always told me it was terribly damaging.  I realise now that this is a load of old rubbish however.  :-)

I then rolled the hair.  I am rubbish  to doing this with my hands though and relied upon my trusty old YSL metallic mascara tube for rolling the hair around.  I then pinned the rolls at each end and put the curls up into a snood (made by me) as I just knew my lovely curls would wilt in the damp air.

I smoothed any flyaways with my rat tail comb and some heavy duty hairspray and then I was good to go (well after putting my make upon...and some clothing.)

I was very pleased with the results - still not as perfect as as Miss Amethyst but then again she is a professional!  I cannot believe the difference the teasing made and am surprised more tutorials don't mention this step.

Here is my hair:

And my outfit - casual but warm:

Snood - crocheted by me
Jumper - knit by me
Jeans - 50's Freddies of Pinewood (the 40's ones trail on the floor and get wet in this weather)
Shoes - spectator / saddles from Anne Klein (eBay)

I then swaddled myself up in my warm coat (not the parka!) a big scarf, popped by knitting in my bag for the journey and headed to High Wycombe to meet my friend.

We has a lovely day.  I ate the world's greasiest panini and raided the local charity shops.  I brought home quite a haul:

Hobbs yellow, white and black sailor top £3.50:

70's apple design jug and 5 glasses £3.50:

Hardy Amies silk scarf £1 (have seen on the Internet for around £55-60 - booyah :-P), the cat was already here:

50's / 60's silk scarf £1:

Beatrix Potter knitting book - so cute £1.50:

 Hobbs almost ankle length red and black chevron tweed skirt £4.50:

All in all a fantastic day. It was so good to get out of London even for just a few hours.  Thank you Judith!


  1. Everything about this post is perfect! Especially you!

  2. Looks fanastic Smuts! You must wear rolls more often!

  3. Those rolls look great (never done them mysel) and so do your bargain finds…. Well done chuck and glad to hear you are feeling a tad bit better! Tups x

  4. Lisa your hair came out great and I love that sweater.

  5. Your hair looks fantastic - and I'm so jealous of that sailor blouse!

  6. Your hair looks great! Mine never come out so nicely.

  7. Looks fabulous! You should do it more often. SLIGHTLY jealous of your charity shop finds ... I had no idea there was a Beatrix Potter knitting book ... swooning over that big time.


  8. Thank you everyone. I think i'll be doing rolls more often. Miss A's tutorial is great and makes it so much more manageable!

    Awws at Lolita and Fleur. xxx

    Just saw a similar scarf go for £120 on evilBay. Bwahahahaha!

  9. Lisa Im so glad it worked out great for you!! im soo thrilled!!! (teasing does not damage your hair .so your hair is fine!! :) hehe) but the rolles looks soo great!! love your new vintage finds!!

  10. Love your hair and the sweater you're wearing! I went thrifting today too!

  11. Hi Lisa your rolls look fantastic! Great vintage scores also.

  12. i love victory rolls, and yours look incredible! i can't seem to do great looking ones that i look at for inspiration, but then again i do have pretty long hair.
    this post is great & what great stuff to find!

  13. "snoodley-poo"

    So very happy that you are feeling better. It reminds me of Dinah Washington singing this. Love all your great finds. Most of all we love you and your posts! May all your days Be Merry and Bright L, you deserve it dear friend.
    Elise x

  14. Love the hair and the sailor top!

  15. Fab hair and fab haul! Nothing like it to cheer one right up :) So pleased you are feeling a little better :)

  16. Well done you for having such a wonderful day, your hair looked lovely, victory rolls suite you, am off now to set my hair for tonight (going to a lindy hop) hope it looks as good as your.
    Am green with envy with regards your wonderful charity shop finds, I am sure they and time spent with friends all helped to lift your spirits, remember baby steps.

  17. LOVE the rolls. Top bargain hunting too *envies*

  18. Great haul, great outfit and most of all, great hair! Thanks for the backcombing tip - my rolls always flop and I think that might help to keep them perky!

  19. beautiful blog! i follow you :D

  20. Your rolls are stunning, lady!
    And I am jealous of your snood.
    First of all; they are so hard to get in my country. And second; I have no skills to make them myself whatsoever. Quite sad really if you adore snoods.

    You look fab! :)

  21. Your hair looks amazing, and I love the picture of you perched on the bed-end - you look so glam. And you know you're a world-class shopper - I don't know how you do it, but I always want all your finds!

  22. Thanks all - I am a world class shopper, its true - but I have put in serious time and effort perfecting such a skill. Not to mention the cash investment. ;-P

  23. Great skirt. I will be looking forward to see you in this. Best.

  24. Your hair came out great, especially for a first try!! !!
    That's it...I've waited long enough. My hair is definitely long enough for this style and I've always wanted victory rolls....I'm going to try it!! !! Thanks for the tips, I never would have thought to back-comb first...