Monday, 13 December 2010

Santa baby, been an awful good girl...

I really, really have! *ahem*

Sadly, not having family (or an admirer), I tend to find Christmas a little thin on presents, so this year I am going to buy myself a few treats.  I can't afford all of the things below so I have yet to make up my mind exactly what I'll be investing in...oh for a sugar Daddy! *wink*

Boston cocktail set:

I'd love this, it is the full set and it would make my cocktail bar complete. 

A Stitch in Time gift pack:

 The second in this wonderful knitting series, the pre-order pack comes with a load of exciting extras!

Vintage gifts to knit:

Another book from Susan Crawford

An electric blanket:

I know, not wildly exciting but without that sugar Daddy I'm awful cold at night.

A new dress form:

My vintage gal has given up the ghost and I need a push to get back into sewing.

and a bottle of perfume.  Dior Addict please.


  1. I asked for (and got!) an electric blanket for Christmas two years ago. I love it! It keeps me so nice and cozy all night long. Although it does make it very hard to get up in the morning...

  2. I think a good sugar daddy is the answer to most problems :)

  3. Love your list! Very similar to mine! :]

  4. Ooh some great ideas. My birthday is next week so I'll send Mr Thrifty here to look at these ideas, he could do with some help.

    Re the giveaway that you won could you email me your name and address to ?


  5. That a good list- one of my many dreams is to have a cocktail bar, so the first one would be mighty handy. Oh, and I must check out the next stitch in time book- one can never have too many knitting patterns. Tups x

  6. that is a nice, sensible list! i hope you get everything on it sooner or later.

  7. It is almost all things that are warming; booze, blankets and woolcrafts. I think the cold is getting to me.

  8. Great list! I'm short on pressies too, all our pals agree no gifts, we only have one parent between us now and we're skint so we haven't bought each other! So I know how it is ha ha! At least you know you'll get what you want if you buy it yourself!!