Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Years Revolution

Yep, I know it is supposed to be resolution but I'm planning some big changes in 2011 (in addition to my keeping my nails resolution mentioned in my last post) and so revolution seemed more appropriate.  2010 was terrible though, so whatever happens it will be a huge improvement.  Roll on 2011!

Not all of this is vintage related, so I hope it isn't too dull for you.

1)  I am going to give up smoking:  I tried about 3 times this year and kept failing, however research (google haha!) says that most people succeed around their seventh attempt.  As such I'm going to keep trying.  Official quit date 2 January.

2) I am going to seriously curb my shopping habit:  I spend far too much on eBay on things I do not really need.  As such I am going to do a full review of my wardrobe, work out what I actually need (i.e. items to complete outfits) and then compile a needs and wants list.  I can only buy the needs, with the wants being limited to one every month.  Still sound excessive?  You have no idea what my shopping habits are like (this month 5 hats, a cocktail shaker set, a dress, a bag, a skirt, some books, some vintage glassware,12 pairs of vintage stockings, several knitting patterns, a dress and some pin-up art - I only needed the stockings...).  I am also going to do a full wardrobe audit and sell anything that doesn't fit, doesn't flatter or isn't right in some other way and will make this an annual thing to keep on top of things.

3)  I am going to lose the extra weight I've put on (damn you Depo Provera!) by improving my diet (less carbs, more veg, meat free days) and by walking home from work (once it stops being scary dark by 4pm).  I might even try cycling again...though that might be a bit ambitious.

4) I am going to improve my knitting skills by tackling fairisle, annoying tiny 4 ply wool, circular needles and cable knitting.  I am also going to try sewing again.  I already have the yarn and the fabric I need for the projects I have earmarked and as such I'll expand my wardrobe and save money at the same time.

5) I am going to master the pincurl.  I am going to work my way through all the roll and bang sets in all my vintage hair books and downloads.  Probably choosing one a fortnight or one a month.

6) I am going to start meditating.  I've realised I spend very little time away from stimulation (phnar) as I am always on the phone, on the internet, watching TV or reading.  I need time off and process stuff.  I'm hoping this will help break my negative thought patterns.

7) I am going to decorate the flat.  My lounge needs the walls painting and some lampshades.  I have earmarked these reproduction bakelite shades.  Am tempted to change the switches too.

8) I am going to continue updating and growing this blog, hence the little poll in the side.  I'd like to know what you want to read about.  Please let me know what will keep you coming back for more.  I'd love to get to the stage where I have sponsors and stuff, I really would.

That's it for now - lots of things to think about.

What do you think of my list?  Are you making resolutions this year, vintage based or otherwise?


  1. Great resolutions...all of them! Even if you just accomplish a few of them, think how much nicer life will be in 2011!

  2. Great resolutions. Good luck quitting smoking. I did it for 5 months but the first excuse to light up again, I did :-(

  3. I did 2 years without smoking the very first time, but then i was dumped by my anti-smoking lover and took it up again in vengeance. Idiot.

  4. We have a couple of revolutions in common-- losing weight, tackling knitting, and mastering pincurls. My knitting challenge is evil tiny 4-ply as well.

  5. Those are some great resolutions. And I actually think it might be just about right with the stop smoking on the 7th try, that was probably what it took for me. But I never stopped smoking just like that, but reduced the amount little by little. Finally it has worked, this spring it will be two years since I quite and I don't think I'll start again... And good luck with the shopping, I'm planning something similar myself!

  6. Being a superstitious fool on this point, I always keep my new year's resolutions to myself, otherwise they won't come through, but as your's are revolutions, I guess it's a different story! With regard to the smoking issue, I agree with the statistics you refer to. I was a heavy smoker for years, but quit more than 5 years ago after reading a psychological study of the addiction and how to break it. Main points were: 1) Make a FIRM resolution, 2) Be prepared to be PATIENT, 3) ACCEPT failure, if you fail - and just return to your resolution, 4) Do not fear that repeted failures and re-resolutions means deflation, 5) Suddenly you will just SUCCEED without too much trouble. In my case this was absolutely true. I experienced a number of failures, but said to myself: "What the hell, just get back on the horse". And then I just succeeded, suddenly it was pretty easy - since then I never missed it!

  7. That's a lot of resolutions! I don't do resolutions anymore. Personally, I think that was my best resolution from years ago. :-)
    It's to save myself from feeling a failure.

    I think the knitting goes well with the non-smoking. At least you'll have something in your hands.
    I quit 4 years ago (2nd attempt) and won't go back, way too expensive and smelly.

    What helped me: starting when I had a bad cold, never took a drag since (that's how my 1st attempt failed, thinking I could smoke once in a while), abondoning the thought of never ever smoking again (I took it day by day and decided every new day that I could smoke in future, but not today), dish selfhelp books (many finish on the first day of quitting, useless!), keeping tricky situations sparse and reintroducing them step by step and bit by bit (for me: concerts, pubs, jazz, alcohol and visiting friends that do smoke) and most important: avoiding the big mind-f***! (conversations in my head on excuses: it's cool, it's elegant, it's slimming and self-pity: life is hard already, so why can't I smoke at least?) by walking, knitting, spending hours in the library and museums or gaming, whatever it takes to forget a few moments I had a habit.

    But it takes time and effort: a project that I found very hard work! Accepting all that made it easier. And the advice of a friend (who didn't smoke, so unfair!) but it helped against the self-pity: "just quit and never look back".
    Well that's my two cents… I hope you succeed, if not… there's always a new day to start quitting again. :-)

  8. FIVE HATS- five hats *said with resounding amazement*… and says she who has a serious hat obsession- I so can’t judge you with the hats!
    They are great resolutions and I hope they work well for you- I personally have to sort myself out a lot, but I made a resolution ages ago to not make any more as I can never keep to them….
    Here’s to a Happy New Year. Tups xxx

  9. Great resolutions! I've thankfully never smoked but I know how hard it is to give up, good luck with that.

    We have 2 in common weight - mmm us and everyone else in the world! - and meditation, well I hadn't planned meditation as such but I'm like you always have TV, music, computer or whatever on, I tried this a couple of times this year & felt so good for it so will try more often this year!

    Good luck with them all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  10. I found the way of giving up smoking that worked for me was to cut down and then go on to lights. After a couple of weeks I was down to about 3 a day, then I just stopped and never looked back. None of the hideous withdrawl symptoms I had when I just stopped cold either.
    Good luck. x

  11. Good luck! Happy new year from Norway!

  12. Hello, I've just discovered your blog and love the Lady Eve hairstyle. I'm majorly impressed by your being able to figure out how to reconstruct something like that and then in this post you mentioned vintage hair books. What are they? I'd love to look around for some!

  13. They all sound like perfectly reasonable goals. And you can master the tiny 4-ply knitting, really (fair isle, too)! The key is to start with a short-sleeved sweater. Then you don't have the inteeeerminably long sleeves to deal with. Plus since vintage styles are so much shorter, you really will be done sooner than you think. One of my goals this year is to actually knit more of them and work on my wardrobe staples this year.